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with our Integrative and Regenerative medicine therapies

The Therapies

Our therapies are the gift that keeps on giving because the results just keep on improving for months afterwards.

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Welcome to Nuutro – House of Wellness, Reinvented.

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We aim to understand what you are seeking to optimise or correct, and from there, we will support and curate a bespoke plan with advanced formulations to help you correct ailments, solve problems, perform better or live longer.

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Healing Therapies

The Therapies

Our therapies are the gift that keeps on giving because the results just keep on improving for months afterwards.

Welcome to

Nūūtro – House of Wellness, Reinvented.

In a vibrant and exclusive street in the heart of Mayfair – London, find the secret to an entirely holistic, regenerative cutting-edge medical wellness.


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Latest health news.

Annabelle B.

Exceptional effort and impressive array of options all around based on your situation. This is the best health centre that I have frequented by a long stretch. They sure take time with you, explaining everything crystal clear and follow a very logical process of correcting a health issue. Ideally, that is exactly what you want. The level of care and the professionalism and politeness here is an added bonus. Thank you guys.

Spencer S.

I have had treatments with the professionals of this clinic for a long time and I couldn't
recommend more. I've done these treatments in some other clinics but it's without a doubt the one I trust the most and there's always new protocols and options for you.

Dalia B.

I have been dealing with some health issues for the past years, but since started to come here for at least once a month for Ozone therapy and various IV’s (I follow the protocol made specifically for me), my health has improved so much. I cannot survive without this team, and I recommend it to everyone I can.

Elizabeth J.

I had to write a review for this clinic. The level of politeness and professionalism you get is amazing. I was suffering from long covid symptoms for over a year. Been in hospital with covid for so long and coming home after covid I spent months in distress for not being able to be myself again and just feeling worse and miserable. I had difficulty breathing for months, immense fatigue in my legs pretty much since waking up, not being able to think or even speak properly, as my brain was foggy and just exhausted. Had to stop working completely for months, but gladly I did not give up searching and a friend recommended me I try Ozone therapy. So I found Nuutro and ever since, I feel like a new ME. Didn’t think it was possible to feel like me again. I get massive improvements with every therapy I have. My brain is able to think again and I have the energy to live my life again. So I just want to say thank you so very much guys.



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