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Peptides are a lot safer than the majority of your supplements

May 14, 2024 | News

That’s right, your turmeric supplement has to undergo a lot more detoxification than any peptide!

Peptides are just amino acids.

All of the supplements you take daily must be broken down by your liver and kidneys.
Plus, undergo many enzymatic detoxification and conjugation processes.
So, are, in fact a lot more ‘toxic’ than any peptide!

When you take any supplement, whether it be turmeric or NAC, there are hundreds of different ways it can react with your body.
Supplements are not the most accurate.
Additionally, a supplement’s efficacy can be quite low, with only around 20% of the supplement being absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract.
One supplement can interact with your cells in an unlimited number of different ways, leading to thousands of different downstream reactions.
Especially when you consider that every individual has different genetic snips and blocks.
But peptides, well…
Peptides are known to be highly specific and accurate in their mechanisms.
Peptides exert their effect mainly on cell membrane receptors and are incredibly specified with the instructions dictated to the cell.
Hence why, peptides are actually less ‘toxic’ and lower risk than your average supplement.
Plus, peptides are injected, which means that peptides bypass the gastrointestinal tract and are 100% effective in the body.
That’s right, when you inject a peptide, the entirety of the peptide is used to regenerate.
None of the peptides is lost to the digestive system.
Do you notice how when you take a supplement, your urine becomes bright green?
This is the majority of the supplement being excreted in the urine.
This does not happen with peptides!
What you inject is what your body uses.
So, actually, although peptides may seem to be more expensive, they’re not.
The average high-quality supplement costs around £60, but peptides offer more value in terms of efficacy, specificity, and usage.

Peptides naturally break down and join the amino acid pool in the body!

Peptides do not have to be enzymatically detoxified or conjugated in the liver or kidneys like supplements.

In fact, peptides are ten times more reliable in completing their goal than supplements.
The results we see from peptides outcompete supplements in terms of every metric.
Additionally, when you inject a peptide, the half-life is around 4-6 hours; after this, the peptide begins to break down and naturally joins the endogenous amino acid pool.
The peptide does not have to be ‘detoxed’ by the liver or the kidneys.
This fact often surprises people with peptides.
Many of our clients often come to us with prerequisite ideas about Peptide Therapy, thinking that peptides are dangerous or high risk inherently because of the needle.
However, once we explain that peptides are amino acids, the basic building blocks of life, the guard immediately comes down.

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