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Unique Infusions

Intravenous Therapy

Nuutro’s unique blends of infusions are custom formulated and provide you with the highest-quality, preservative-free Infusions created to administer essential nutrients directly to the bloodstream to support rejuvenation, prevention and revitalise health.

Intravenous Therapy

Listen to Your Body

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are vital to your physical and mental health. They support your body’s processes, keeping your organs and even your DNA healthy and functioning normally.

Wellness starts with a body that is in balance. The pressures of everyday life, busy schedules, workouts squeezed into rare spare time, means that sometimes we need to press the reset button, rejuvenate and get back to feeling like ourselves. And that’s ok, caring for your body makes sense. At times, by listening to our bodies and taking good care of them, we can reach optimal levels of health and vitality.
Infusion therapy is an important component of that and can bring invaluable benefits to easily and profoundly restore health and vitality.

So we developed our Intravenous Therapy Infusions services and Wellness Programs to encourage the preventative practice of optimising health and wellness by giving your body the much needed nutrients it needs to be at its best.

Intravenous therapy is the only delivery method that provides 100% bioavailability of nutrients directly to the bloodstream, ensuring that these nutrients are directly available to your cells. Our digestive system often has a compromised absorption ability and can cause multiple nutritional deficiencies, so this delivery method bypasses any obstacles in the digestive system that may hinder absorption.
Our extensive selection of intravenous infusions is completely personalised and bespoke to your particular needs and requirements and can help slow down or reverse the adverse effects that a life lived at full speed can cause.

The ingredients we use are sourced from world-leading German specialists, preservative-free, GMO, gluten, hexane and sugar free. They are vegan friendly and contain no animal products, and are freshly-prepared on-site in our clinic

Nuutro's Essential IV Therapy

Alkalising IV Therapy


Alpha Lipoic Acid IV Therapy

Glutathione IV Therapy

Curcumin IV Therapy

Oliphenolia® IV Therapy

Frankincense (Boswellia Serrata) IV Therapy

6-Shogaol IV Therapy

NAD+ IV Therapy

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) IV Therapy

Neuro Recharge IV Therapy

Nervous System Recharge IV Therapy

Cerebrolysin IV Therapy

Spermidine IV Therapy

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