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Jessica brought peptides to London in 2022!

May 14, 2024 | News

After a trip to the USA in 2022, Jessica knew she had to bring peptides to Nūūtro.

Jessica first got her hands on peptides in 2022 after visiting an exceptional clinic in Texas.

From that point on, Jessica knew she had to bring the magic of peptides back to Nūūtro.

In 2022, Jessica set out on a trip to the USA, one of her first stops being Texas.
After visiting an exceptional Houston clinic, Jessica began learning about Peptide Therapy.
At the time, peptides were becoming all the craze in the USA and were just about to hit the general public.
The market was picking up, and the word “peptide” was becoming increasingly a household term.
After becoming familiar with peptides, their use cases and how fundamentally peptides are just well-organised amino acids, Jessica knew she had to bring this unique Regenerative Medicine to Nūūtro.
So, although peptides may seem new, they’re not.
We’ve worked with peptides for over a year and have seen limitless results with our clients.
At Nūūtro, we are always at the forefront of health.
We pioneered bringing EBO2 to London, Phospholipid Therapy and Methylene Blue IVs.
We are proud to be the first clinic to bring peptides to London and serve the community.

Peptides are powerful!

Jessica understood that peptides were powerful tools to unlock vitality, regeneration and youthful cells.

Thousands of peptides are available, with more being created weekly.
We know of at least 7,000 naturally occurring peptides in the body.
These peptides’ pharmacological profiles and intrinsic properties offer selective messaging within any cell.
When you start to use Peptide Therapy as a daily occurrence in your life, you begin to think…
“Why wait for disease?”.
Indeed, peptides are a remarkable arm of Regenerative Medicine.
Peptides help us harness our cell biology knowledge to empower our ability to adapt and live healthy, fruitful, fulfilling lives, regardless of our chronological number.
Peptides are the future.
With ageing comes the slow ebb of our natural peptide production.
This is another reason why it is integral to begin a comprehensive and personalised Peptide Therapy routine.

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“The Nūūtro team are highly experienced and helpful guides for people looking to improve their wellness through functional medicine and healthcare innovation.
I found the team to be knowledgeable, friendly and highly responsive.
In particular, it was my first time taking Peptide Therapy, and the end-to-end support from Jessica and the team was pivotal to my decision to proceed.
I was curious specifically about Peptide Therapy as part of my general wellness programme and found the Nūūro website to be informative and transparent on this topic.” – Kanika K.