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Why we don’t 100% agree with Huberman’s peptide podcast!

May 14, 2024 | News

Take what Huberman says with a pinch of salt, he does work for a regulated university and is indirectly monitored by the pharmaceutical industry.

Huberman presented some basic inaccuracies in his podcast and mentioned many incorrect mechanisms.

We find it great that peptides are being brought to the masses, but we focus on real world practices, not pulling animal study after animal study.

Let’s discuss where Huberman’s inaccuracies were most obvious:

1. First of all, he mentioned a dose for BPC-157 that was significantly smaller than the recommended dose and would not give any results or positive outcomes.
2. Huberman recommended more intramuscular injections compared to subcutaneous,something we do not recommend.
3. BPC-157 and other peptides were recommended 1-2x a week.

Again, this frequency is too low at any dose that would move the needle.
If you used the dosage offered by Huberman alongside the frequency, you would almost never see results.

4. Huberman was unaware that Epithalon is a peptide and Epithalamin is a bioregulator.Peptides and bioregulators have two completely different mechanisms.

5. There are no human studies showing that peptides can increase cancer risk, this is purely hypothesised.

6. Tesamorelin was not mentioned as the strongest Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide(GHRP), instead, Huberman said that Sermorelin was the strongest.

Sermorelin is one of the weakest GHRPs and often does not work unless used with Ipamorelin.
Plus, other smaller inaccuracies.
Whilst the majority of the time we absolutely love Huberman’s information and all he is doing for humanity, we would love to introduce him to the world of our peptides and work with our practitioners who have years to decades of experience!

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