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Wondering where we source our peptides from?

May 14, 2024 | News

Our peptides are sourced from an FDA-approved lab in Las Vegas, USA.
No nasties, no toxins, and no heavy metals.
Pure, clean and high purity only.

The good news is that all of our peptides are 3rd party tested.

We’d like to be transparent about our statement of quality when it comes to our peptides.

Production in the USA:
Our peptides are manufactured in the United States, ensuring compliance with stringent regulations enforced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory bodies.
This includes adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which governs various aspects of production, from raw material sourcing to the hygiene and training of our lab partner’s staff.
Testing of Raw Materials:
Our partner lab implements a proactive quality assurance strategy by testing raw materials before they enter our production process.
This initial quality control step ensures that we use only high-grade ingredients free from contaminants and meet our strict purity standards.
Implications for Consumer Confidence and Product Reliability:
Our partner’s extensive testing regime, especially involving independent labs that comply with FDA and DE standards, builds a high level of trust among our clients.
We believe in transparency and openly share information about our partners, thus educating our clients about the stringent measures we take to ensure product quality.
Third-Party Laboratory Testing:
To ensure unbiased and comprehensive analysis, our partner lab engages three different independent labs for product testing.
This multi-tiered approach provides a robust assessment of our products’ safety, quality, and efficacy.
Significantly, one of these laboratories is FDA and DEA-compliant, adhering to the highest standards in testing and regulatory compliance, which is crucial for peptides.

Feeling more confident about joining us for your 3-month Peptide Therapy programme now?

We’d love to have you!

Of course, we understand that purity is the top question our clients ask about peptides.
Many clients ask us whether our peptides contain heavy metals, lipopolysaccharides, endotoxins, and solvents.
Now understanding that our partners in the USA are FDA-approved and DEA-compliant, you can understand why our peptides are the best on the market.
Jessica has met the team in 2022 during her trip to the USA and have been collegauesturned-friends ever since.
Furthermore, the sister company that Jessica is a partner of in Dubai also sources their peptides from the same lab.
So you can trust us when we say you’re in good hands!

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“The Nūūtro team are highly experienced and helpful guides for people looking to improve their wellness through functional medicine and healthcare innovation.
I found the team to be knowledgeable, friendly and highly responsive.
In particular, it was my first time taking Peptide Therapy, and the end-to-end support from Jessica and the team was pivotal to my decision to proceed.
I was curious specifically about Peptide Therapy as part of my general wellness programme and found the Nūūro website to be informative and transparent on this topic.” – Kanika K.