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Knowledge Reviewed

The Science

Ozone Therapy

This evidence-based medical innovation uses ozone – a highly active and reactive form of oxygen – that can restore optimum oxygen levels within the body with a range of health benefits.


It is an absolute breakthrough in the field of biotechnologies. EBO2 allows for the reduction of chronic inflammation and creates a watershed of positive impacts on the quality of life and performance.

UV IV with Ozone

UV with Ozone IV Therapy is a procedure that exposes the blood to specific ultraviolet light to stimulate the body’s immune response to fight infections.

Intravenous Therapy

Nuutro’s unique blends of infusions are custom formulated and provide you with the highest-quality, preservative-free Infusions created to administer essential nutrients.

Peptide Therapy

Optimise your health with peptides.
At their simplest, peptides are biological compounds of two or more amino acids.