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Peptides are cycled for 3-months!

May 14, 2024 | News

Meet with Jessica for your 1-1, personalised Peptide Therapy programme that will last you for three months.

We promise you that you won’t be the same person before and after your 3-month programme.

Our Peptide Therapy service also includes ongoing email support for the entire three months.
We are here for you, every step of the way.

Most peptides are cycled for around a 3-month unless stated otherwise.
Sure, the growth hormone analogues like CJC-1295 are typically used for a shorter timeframe.
Or the anti-pathogen peptides like LL-37.
But most peptides are cycled for three months with a one-month break.
You can return to the same peptide stack after your one-month break, but we find it best to pick up a new stack.
After all, thousands of peptides are currently available for you to try, so why return to the same stack when you can take it up another notch?
Most of our clients are seeing results from their peptide stacks in under two weeks…
It is crazy how fast peptides work!
Especially with BPC-157, the effects are almost instantaneous.
The fact that peptides are merely amino acids makes Peptide Therapy even more exciting and low-risk.
Jessica, our practitioner, has been using peptides for over a year and has seen miraculous results.

You can stack 3-4 peptides per cycle!

Peptides are inherently non-toxic and do not have to be broken down by the liver or kidneys, so a stack of 3-4 peptides is great for any cycle.

We typically see clients stacking around 3-4 peptides per cycle, which works perfectly well for their goal.
Remember, peptides are inherently amino acids, requiring no detoxification or enzymatic process to be broken down.
Hence, why stacking 3-4 peptides per cycle puts no further stress on the body.
We say this because we often get questions from our clients about how ‘safe’ it is to take multiple peptides at once.
We would like to tell you that stacking peptides is safe and well-tolerated.
Visit our Peptide Therapy page on our website to learn more about each available peptide and see what interests you.
If you navigate around our page, you’ll be able to click on each peptide and read a fully referenced meta-analysis review of each peptide written by our team.

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“The Nūūtro team are highly experienced and helpful guides for people looking to improve their wellness through functional medicine and healthcare innovation.
I found the team to be knowledgeable, friendly and highly responsive.
In particular, it was my first time taking Peptide Therapy, and the end-to-end support from Jessica and the team was pivotal to my decision to proceed.
I was curious specifically about Peptide Therapy as part of my general wellness programme and found the Nūūro website to be informative and transparent on this topic.” – Kanika K.