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You don’t just wake up one day with an autoimmune disease…

May 14, 2024 | News

When you have autoimmunity, your body’s immune system is attacking itself.
Most people are left struggling with their autoimmune disease for the rest of their lives, never finding a cure or root cause.

Did your doctor actually bother to look through your history and find the cause of your autoimmune?

In reality, your autoimmune “disease” is not a proper diagnosis and is simply the blanket term given to an illness to which the root cause is not understood.
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We always want one answer to our question, especially when it comes to autoimmune disease.
The reality is that autoimmune illness is complex.
Western medicine has primed our brains to seek one pill, one shot, or one operation to ‘fix’ the problem.
But as we can see by the booming and unsolved autoimmune diagnosis, this one problem, one solution mindset just does not work.
At Nūūtro, we believe that autoimmune diseases come about from a build-up of:

1. Stressors over the years (physical, emotional or chemical).
2. Combined with an inflamed gut.
3. And finished off with genetic predispositions.

An autoimmune disease really means your stress bucket has been accumulating for years.

So the final event that tipped the scale might not have seemed like anything major, but in fact, it’s the cumulative effect of stress over a lifetime.

You can understand autoimmunity as the perfect storm of stressors.
Jessica, our Integrative and Functional Medicine practitioner, understands how to bring an autoimmune disease back into balance.
Jessica uses a multi-therapeutic approach to autoimmune disease alongside our revolutionary treatments.
We use specific testing profiles that are unavailable at your traditional doctor’s office to get you the diagnosis you need and work on the right strategy.
We’ll work 1-1 with you to overcome each aspect of your autoimmune disease.
We’ll work with you to eradicate any inflammation you may be having in your gut, like Leaky Gut, Candida overgrowth, parasites and other pathogens.
We’ll also work on remethylating you to ensure your DNA is no longer pulling the trigger on your autoimmune.
We’ll further ensure your mitochondrial redox status is working correctly.
We’ll take a deep dive into your hormonal system and get that rebalanced.
We’ll ensure that heavy metals have also left you during the detox process.
And much more…
We’ll make sure you not only feel great after overcoming your autoimmune disease but that you feel optimised and ready to live a boundless life.
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I was suffering from Long Covid symptoms for over a year. I found Nuutro and ever since, I feel like a new ME.
Didn’t think it was possible to feel like me again. I get massive improvements with every therapy I have.
My brain is able to think again and I have the energy to live my life again.
So I just want to say thank you so very much guys.” – Elizabeth J.