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Mold and Mycotoxins Could Underlie Your ‘Mystery’ Illness…

May 14, 2024 | News

Your autoimmune, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), thyroid disorder, insomnia and more could all be due to mold exposure.

Active mold spores can grow in your gut even after short-term exposure.
People often go years without realising this root-cause of their condition.
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Dear there,
Did you know that living in a Water Damaged Building (WDB) for just 3 days can leave you with active mold growing in your gut?
But here’s the thing: many of us live in WDBs for months without realising we’re being exposed to mold daily.
More often than not, mold hides behind our walls, poisoning us without us ever knowing…
And if you’re a frequent traveller, then it becomes impossible to regulate and check every building you stay in.
Why does this matter? Because mold is often the root cause behind many chronic conditions and seriously flies under the radar.
Molds release mycotoxins.
These mycotoxins destroy every part of your body.
Including your hormonal system, your ability to detoxify, your cognitive function and how well you sleep.
Over time, the constant presence of mycotoxins inside of you builds up.
Your body gets broken down from the inflammation.
And then you end up being diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), or Hashimoto’s, or infertility, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome…
Or a whole host of other diseases with no answers in sight.
Does this sound familiar?

Let’s get to the bottom of your condition – we can test and treat you for mold.

We used specific Organic Acid and Mycotoxin profiles to test for mold, and then go in for a full-spectrum treatment.

Jessica, our Integrative and Functional Medicine practitioner, can test and treat you for mold, alongside our revolutionary treatments available in our clinic.
Jessica is a certified Mold Illness practitioner and has trained under Dr Shoemaker.
We use specific testing profiles such as Organic Acid and Mycotox tests that are unavailable at your traditional doctor’s office to get you the diagnosis you need.
Then we’ll work with you 1-1 on a Mold Protocol to ensure the mold is eradicated from your body once and for all.
We’ll also work on repairing your body after the mold exposure.
We’ll reintroduce beneficial bacteria to your gut.
We’ll ensure your mitochondrial redox status is working correctly.
We’ll take a deep-dive into your hormonal system after it’s damage by mold.
We’ll ensure that heavy metals have also left you during the detox process.
And much more…
We’ll make sure you not only feel great after eradicating mold from your system but that you feel optimised and ready to live a boundless life.
If you’re ready to get to the bottom of your ‘mystery’ illness then book your complimentary consultation below.

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