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Peptides are not steroids; they’re amino acids!

May 14, 2024 | News

People get confused with the structure of peptides, often mistaking peptides for steroids.
Peptides are merely amino acids bonded together via a peptide bond.
Peptides are non-toxic and low-risk.

Peptides are the building blocks of proteins.

At their simplest, peptides are biological compounds of two or more amino acids.
We naturally produce various peptides as part of our normal bodily function and regulation.

Every single day, we have people asking us about the benefits of Peptide Therapy.
But the same people are often confusing peptides with steroids.
Look, we get it.
Steroids have a bad rep; they’re illegal, have to be injected and often come with a watershed of adverse side effects.
But this is not the case with Peptide Therapy.
Sure, peptides also have to be injected, but peptides are not illegal and have little to no side effects.
Why? Because peptides are amino acids.
You know, amino acids.
The same compounds are found in your collagen supplement or your BCAAS.
The same amino acids that build the blocks of life and constitute your steak and eggs.
Peptides are, quite frankly, smaller and well-organised proteins that can act directly on the cell and instruct the body to regenerate.

Take a deep dive into Peptide Therapy!

We have over 23+ peptides available to help you achieve your wellness goals this year.
Bite the bullet and join the revolution.

As we said, peptides are inherently natural to the human body.
In fact, as you age and are exposed to environmental toxins, your natural ability to produce peptides declines.
Hence, by using Peptide Therapy, you restore this process in your body.
We have a wide range of peptides.
Some are synthetic, like BPC-157.
Some are exact replicas of the natural peptides existing in your body, like GHK-Cu.
You can visit our Peptide Therapy page on our website to learn more about each available peptide.
If you navigate around our page, you’ll be able to click on each peptide and read a fully referenced meta-analysis review of each peptide written by our team.

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“The Nūūtro team are highly experienced and helpful guides for people looking to improve their wellness through functional medicine and healthcare innovation.
I found the team to be knowledgeable, friendly and highly responsive.
In particular, it was my first time taking Peptide Therapy, and the end-to-end support from Jessica and the team was pivotal to my decision to proceed.
I was curious specifically about Peptide Therapy as part of my general wellness programme and found the Nūūro website to be informative and transparent on this topic.” – Kanika K.