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Our peptides are 100% USA-made with rigorousthird-party testing

May 14, 2024 | News

There are many peptides on the market. 90% of them come from China, are not pure and are contaminated with heavy metals. Our Peptide Therapy programme comes with an in-depth consultation and coaching to get you the results you need.

Peptides are not a magic bullet and aren’t easy. The majority of peptides you have to inject. We work with you 1-1 to ensure safety.

Dosing peptides, knowing how to cycle peptides and getting a good quality source can be tricky. On top of that, you have to learn how to inject safely and accurately.
We do the hard work for you. Book your complimentary call today.

Peptides are so ‘in vogue’ right now and seem to be the latest therapy in Regenerative Medicine.
But we have to be honest with you.
If you’ve tried peptides before orally or nasally, then you haven’t really tried peptides.
Only around 5 of the 100s of peptides out there can be delivered orally and nasally.
Why? Because of their sensitive biochemical structure.
Also, if you tried to use peptides, but your inflammation wasn’t controlled, your gut was still out of whack, and your hormones unbalanced…
Then again, the peptides probably didn’t work.
You have to be somewhat already optimised for peptides to work, and this is what we teach our clients during their Peptide Therapy programme.

Our peptides come in pre-made syringes to make everything 10x easier for you.

We understand how it can be hard to decipher between mg and mcg and then measure 600 mcg of one peptide from a 10mg vial.
So we’ve done the work for you.
Our peptides come in pre-made syringes ready for the month.
We not only teach you how to inject and how to dispose of your needles safely.
But also how to get optimised and make the most out of your Peptide Therapy programme.
After your in-depth consultation, you’ll be recommended the perfect stack to align with your goals.
We only stock our peptides from 100% USA-based labs, never China.
The quality of our peptides is rigorously tested, and each batch goes through the same procedure.
Our peptide stacks are built with you in mind.
We offer a wide range from inflammation and healing stacks to cognitive function and immunity.
So, if you’re ready to start your Peptide Therapy programme with an expert, then contact us today using the link below.

Peptide Therapy

“I have had treatments done with the professionals of this clinic for a long time and I couldn’t recommend more. I’ve done these treatments in some other clinics but it’s without a doubt the one I trust the most and there’s always new protocols and options for you.” – Spencer S.