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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome should be called Cellular Inflammation Syndrome

May 14, 2024 | News

Why does traditional medicine come up with the most obscure blanket terms to get people stuck on medication for years?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms correlate exactly with that of inflamed cells.

Yet the traditional doctor will give you a bunch of medication without ever getting to the root cause.
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If I tried to explain Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to my grandparents, they wouldn’t understand.
Why? Because It didn’t exist at this scale in their generation.
So, what has brought about this ever-increasingly common disorder in today’s world?
We believe our toxin-filled environment causing inflammation at the cellular level is at the root of your CFS.
And, to be honest, we can’t believe this flies under the radar of the traditional doctor’s office.
Who, more often than not, just prescribe countless medications to mask the symptoms.

Has anyone ever told you that CFS is linked to damaged mitochondria?

If you’re constantly ‘fatigued’ which is what CFS is, then you don’t have CFS, you have an energy problem.
And where does the energy problem begin? Your mitochondria!

We’re here to give you answers.
Clearly, if you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome you have cellular stress, especially in your mitochondria.
The redox of your mitochondria is probably completely out of whack, and your cells may be jam-packed full of toxins and heavy metals.
On top of this, you may have some sort of gut inflammation.
Maybe some pathogens and parasites, or hidden underlying infections.
When you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome you can classify yourself as an inflamed person.
And when you’re inflamed, there is never just one piece of the puzzle.
We’re here to leave no stone unturned.
We’ll work 1-1 with you to overcome each aspect of your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
We have the tests and therapies unavailable at your traditional doctor’s office that can finally help you fix the cell and get well.
We’ll make sure you not only feel great after over coming your CFS, but that you feel optimised and ready to live a boundless life.
You’ll be walking out of our clinic with Chronic Energy Syndrome, haha!
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