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The Benefits of Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation

If you’re looking for the best care in London, look no further than Nūūtro. As it stands, Nūūtro is the FIRST and ONLY clinic in London to offer ultraviolet blood irradiation. And we are proud to do so. And what makes us so unique?

We have an unparalleled commitment to ensuring that our patients get the best possible results from their treatment of choice. We have some of the most highly-trained staff in London, with the most skin in the game for executing EBO2, Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation and Ozone Therapy.

Key Mechanisms

How Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Can Benefit You

We’re not surprised if you’ve never heard of Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation.
This next-generation technology uses the lightest touch to heal and is systemic and painless. 

The Treatment

Fundamentally, the mechanism of this modality is:

  • Our UV machine blasts photons of light energy from the ultraviolet spectrum onto your blood.
  • Any pathogenic viruses, mould, yeast and fungi do not have the correct DNA repair mechanisms to deal with the high-energy UV photons; thus, their proteins are broken down, and the organism dies off.
  • Parallel to this, weak senescent ‘zombie’ host cells are also too degraded to effectively repair after receiving UV light. As a result, these cells break down, and the body can finally ‘clean’ itself out of malfunctioning cells.
  • These ‘zombie’ cells cannot go through autophagy, known as programmed cell death, and are often left spewing out a cocktail of inflammatory compounds.

In summary, UV light non-invasively kills off pathogenic microorganisms and clears the body of dead host debris. Furthermore, with the rise of antibiotic-resistant pathogens increasing at an unprecedented rate, UV blood irradiation will become evermore useful:

  • No pathogenic microorganism can ever become resistant to UV light.
  • Thus, microorganisms resistant to antibiotics are killed off just as effectively as their non-resistant counterparts. 

As you can imagine, this is a huge step forward for disease treatment. 

The Knowledge

We have a scientific page dedicated to this if you’d like to explore the key mechanisms of ultraviolet blood irradiation. You can view that hereIn this article, we will be discussing how ultraviolet blood irradiation can benefit you.

The main benefit of UV blood irradiation is that if you are suffering from a chronic viral, bacterial, mould or fungal infection that has become resistant to conventional antibiotics. UV has complex virucidal activity, so it is perfect for anyone suffering from Long-COVID, Lyme Disease, Candida and more. Furthermore, if you are suffering from any autoimmune condition, then ultraviolet blood irradiation is perfect for you because:

  • Clearing pathogenic microorganisms out of your system will allow your body to ‘reprioritize’ and ‘reconfigure’ its systems, allowing your body to take the time and energy it finally needs to relax and consequently heal the autoimmune disease.
  • As we all know, autoimmune diseases are not a ‘mystery’ and are the compound effect of a harmful lifestyle.
  • As a result of the harmful lifestyle, the body can no longer understand what is good and what is bad, so it starts to self-cannibalize and attack its cells, tissues and organs.
  • By removing what is bad via UV blood irradiation, the body can have its ‘ah-ha’ moment and start to reverse the autoimmune disease.

Effects of Ultraviolet Laser Light Therapy:

  • Increases oxygen absorption in body tissues. Destroys fungal, viral, and bacterial growth.
  • It improves circulation and decreases platelet aggregation.
  • Improves circulation by dilating blood vessels.
  • It enhances the body’s ability to detoxify and inactivate or remove toxins.
  • Activates cortisone-like molecules (sterols) into vitamin D.
  • Restores the normal size and movement of fat elements.

How Pathogens Are Deactivated by UV Light:

  • Pathogens have a higher susceptibility to UV irradiation.
  • The antimicrobial effects of UV light result from increased production of toxic reactive oxygen species (ROS) and delayed pathogen replication.
  • UVA exposure primarily promotes sub-lethal effects, which stop replication and increase the pathogens’ susceptibility to immune degradation.
  • Pathogen damage also permits the release of antigens in which the immune system can build highly-specific antibodies to the pathogen strain.
  • The cell DNA sequence is interrupted, and the pathogen’s ability to bind is inhibited.

UV IV Blood Laser Therapy benefits you on so many levels because it works deeply at the cellular level to simultaneously destroy and eradicate many conditions. UBI has helped treat:

  • All types of viral, bacterial, and fungal infections
  • Inflammatory conditions such as thrombophlebitis (inflammation of the vascular system), fibrositis, bursitis, nephritis, iritis, uveitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Circulation conditions include varicose veins, diabetic ulcers, peripheral vascular disease, gangrene, and vascular headaches.
  • Other conditions include non-healing wounds and fractures, pemphigus, emphysema, depression, fatigue, and muscle pain.
  • In Germany, UBI has been used as an adjunctive cancer treatment and is still used alongside chemotherapy and radiation.

UBI is delivered by a polychromatic device (PCD) with numerous light sources for different wavelengths of light.

The different wavelengths emit high-energy light ranging from ultraviolet to visible light. Each wavelength has a specific mechanism of action:

  • Red supports detoxification enzymes and stabilizes normal DNA in cells.
  • Amber releases nitric oxide inside and outside the cells, dilating the blood vessels and improving cellular signalling.
  • Green supports the proper structure and function of red and white blood cells.
  • Blue promotes the dilation of blood vessels and reduces inflammatory markers in the blood, increasing oxygen and nutrients to cells.
  • UV light disinfects the blood of any external pathogen and supports the structure and function of all blood cells.

    UV IV Laser Blood Therapy

    The Lightest Healing Touch

    There is no other clinic in London that offers this service. We’ve been working tirelessly to bring you a new standard of care that will change how you look at health care forever. We know that you and your family deserve only the best. We have invested in the latest technology to help you achieve your health goals. Our goal is to make this service available to everyone who needs it!

    Alongside our UV IV Laser Blood Therapy, we also have:

    Nūūtro is staffed by medical professionals specialising in treating patients with chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases. Our staff have years of experience working with people with autoimmune disorders and other chronic diseases, so they understand how it feels to have these conditions—and what it takes to live well despite them. Our goal is simple: We want our clients to feel empowered by their experiences at Nūūtro and leave us feeling like they’ve invested in their health. 

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