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EBO2 for Herpes Virus

The Herpes Virus (HSV) lives in your body in two different forms: the latent and the active form. The latent form is inactive, but it can become active again at any time. The active form causes cold sores (or fever blisters) on or around your mouth or lips. The viruses spread from one person to another through direct contact with infected secretions, such as saliva or other bodily fluids. The infection may spread even when the person shows no symptoms.

Infection with the herpes virus is more likely to occur during outbreaks or when there are open sores. It is also possible to acquire the infection during a time when there are no visible sores. The risk for transmission during these times is higher if there have been physical openings in the skin, such as cuts or abrasions on the fingers or hands, which allow for direct contact with a sore area on an infected person’s body.

Transmission of the virus from mother to child during pregnancy can cause abnormalities in the newborn child’s brain and skin and eye infections that can be fatal if not treated early enough

    Destroy both forms of the virus

    Treat the Herpes Virus

    Nūūtro clinic provides EBO2 treatment which is beneficial for patients with the herpes virus.

    You know that EBO2 treatment for herpes virus is the best option for you, but you might be wondering: What is it? Why should I try it? And how can I access it? Nūūtro is here to answer your questions!

    The Treatment

    EBO2 is a form of ozone therapy that can help treat the herpes virus because it aids in destroying both forms of the virus. It seeks to attack the virus with oxygen molecules that are charged with extra energy, allowing them to break apart cells where herpes resides. This process is called oxidation, and it occurs naturally when oxygen interacts with other substances in the body – for example, sugar molecules.

    This helps to boost your immune system and fight off infection-causing bacteria and viruses such as herpes simplex 1 (HSV1), HSV2, chickenpox and shingles. EBO2 therapy is an alternative treatment that can help to boost your immune system, which may help to fight off herpes. This form of ozone therapy is based on the idea that ozone can help to boost your immune system by stimulating the production of cytokines (chemicals that regulate your immune response). Ozone therapy is often used by people who are suffering from chronic infections and other conditions that have a negative impact on their health.

    Herpes is a disease that affects almost all of us. It can cause painful blisters and make everyday activities difficult, but it can also be treated with EBO2 therapy. As EBO2 therapy is a simple treatment that uses your own body’s immune system to fight off herpes. It’s effective because it stimulates the body’s natural ability to fight off viruses, including herpes. This means that you don’t have to take any medications or undergo invasive surgery to treat your herpes symptoms—all you need to do is undergo EBO2 therapy.

    There are many treatments for Herpes, but EBO2 has become increasingly popular because it is less invasive than other methods, whilst helping you stay healthy and take care of yourself rather than having to focus on just one aspect of your health at a time.

    The Knowledge

    A study observes the clinical efficacy of ozone therapy for patients with herpes by using a total of 60 patients, dividing them into a control group (who did not receive ozone therapy) and a treatment group (who received ozone therapy as a form of treatment). They found that there was a significant difference in pain scores between the two groups, with clinical efficacy being 100% in the treatment group but only 86.7% in the control group. This shows that ozone therapy helps relieve pain, giving a reason as to why it should be popularized.

    Furthermore, another study looked at a form of ozone therapy treating 20 patients, 8 of which had herpes virus. After the treatment, a very positive effect was observed in each case. Thus, the oxidative properties of ozone are exploited to attack microbial infection in a non-invasive and painless way.

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    With Nūūtro, you can keep your privacy and still find like-minded people who understand what it’s like to live with the herpes virus.

    Nūūtro is built to help people with the herpes virus, or HSV. We know how difficult it can be to live with this condition, and we’re here to help. We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality treatments for managing your HSV symptoms and improving your overall health and wellness.

    Our mission is simple: to provide the tools you need to live a more confident life.


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