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Non-invasive Procedure

EBO2 for Anti-Ageing

Here at Nūūtro, we are very pleased that we have one of the first units for EBO2 therapy in Europe.

EBO2 therapy is the new age-management treatment that’s taking the world by storm. It’s a non-invasive procedure that stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin, which are the two main ingredients in the skin that keep it firm, smooth, and beautiful—and EBO2 therapy helps your body create more of both of these proteins.

EBO2 therapy is a type of ozone therapy that increases blood flow to your face, which means that your skin will have more oxygen and nutrients to keep it healthy. This is especially important as we age: when our bodies produce less collagen naturally, they have a harder time keeping up with the needs of our skin.

If you’re looking for an alternative to plastic surgery or medical aesthetic treatments like Botox or fillers, EBO2 therapy might be right for you!

Three Oxygen Atoms

Very Potent Anti-oxidant Properties

Ozone is a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms first discovered in the 1800s. Ozone has very potent anti-oxidant properties that help neutralise free radicals in the body which can cause serious damage to healthy cells.

The key mechanism is when you accept ozone intravenously, it travels through bloodstream and then into your cells where it reacts with free radicals to neutralise them and make them harmless. This process boosts energy levels and helps repair damaged cells.

The Treatment

Many people use ozone therapy for anti-ageing purposes because it helps slow down the ageing process by increasing cell repair mechanisms in the body while boosting energy levels so you feel younger than ever before!

Air pollution is one of the most common causes of premature ageing, and ozone therapy can help. EBO2 therapy uses pure oxygen to cleanse the lungs and blood, and it’s known to be a powerful tool against air pollution-caused damage. This can help with several signs of ageing, including reducing fine lines and wrinkles, repairing damaged skin cells and improving elasticity in the skin.

Ever wondered why you can’t seem to get rid of those wrinkles? Well, it’s because your skin has been damaged by the sun and other sources. This can cause your skin to look older than it is, and it’s not just about looks—it’s also about feeling healthy.

The Knowledge

An article by Science Direct, writing about the scientific principles behind ozone therapy concluded that ozone therapy exerts beneficial effects as it can: increase oxygen, glucose and ATP delivery within tissues and possibly facilitate the implantation of bone marrow stem cells which can enhance tissue regeneration.

This is beneficial as it shows ozone’s advantageous properties of improving the oxygenation of tissues, stimulating growth factors, its ability to enhance detoxification and it increases antioxidant enzyme activity.

Natural Process

An Anti-Ageing Treatment

At Nūūtro, we believe that ageing is a natural process that can be slowed down or even reversed. That’s why we are excited to use EBO2 as an anti-ageing treatment.

We are here to help and support you by providing treatments and treatment plans that could be the change that you’re looking for.


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